What Guests Say

"I absolutely love their Honey Gold/Lemon Pepper wings. Moving here from Atlanta, I thought that no one could compete with JR. Crickets, but these wings were SO GOOD. I highly recommend!!"

Tory's L.


"Deliciousness 😋 I enjoyed that I was able to quickly order and pick up by using the online option on Google. I did have to wait a few mins before the order was ready, but I was pleasantly impressed with the flavor that I ordered from them again."

Ashley S.


"Was skeptical at first walking in but there were two pool tables to chill and relax while waiting on my food. The wings are the best 🔥 they are mind blowing and have the right amount of sauce and are seasoned on point. Almost bit my finger off it was so good!!!"

DishMane T.

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